Friday, May 24, 2002

First day feeling better (yesterday) and I'm already back to beer? Ug. I can't say for sure, but I think I had 6+ beers last night. And I drove home from the E-side. I kept asking Gin if she'd want to drive, because I would never actually admit that I can't drive. She didn't want to. I made it, we got home. I passed out and woke up this morning, regaining my senses out at breakfast over some coffee. That stuff is evil.

Now I'm dealing with a really great headache, but other than that I feel pretty great. It's sunny out today! Whooee. Soon we'll get out and skate, gotta take advantage of all the kids being in school right now. You know, I really don't want to deal with moving. Too bad I don't have a nice income so I can just pay people to pack & move my shit while I'm out having fun. At least we have volunteers, that's nice. I can't write this blog right now, who am I kidding.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

note: Redhook has a brewery in Woodinville. Where is it? What else is hidden in Woodinville? I swear the only thing it's been good for is that rad Molbak's and sometimes I stop there to get food, either at a drive-thru or the top foods. Mostly because it's kinda on the way to Stevens.

- take drug test on vashon. boo on paying ferry fee, but at least i'll have a job.
- take car to get transmission fluid checked. doing this will help validate (?) my warranty on a third rebuild. no car should have to go through what mine has.
- skate. must do this as much as possible in order to ensure sanity when starting new job in 10.5 days. any time it is dry, i will skate. i will go to nearest convenience store and buy PBR or like beer. Jerry said he found 24oz'rs of PBR - must look into this.
- go to Redhook brewery for meeting. must confess my consumation of mega beer at Baker's TapRoom during festical. unless Patrick is on my side, which he might be since he's such a nice guy. hoping for kickdowns of beer and maybe munchies. at least beer.

Nothing else planned. Hoping it stays dry, maybe I'll "pack" some more, since we Are moving tomorrow. Is it tomorrow? Everything goes away? New place? Wheeeeee!! I should get cable hooked up earlier than the 2nd, and call to get a phone maybe like Tuesday. Add that to list of things to do... maybe I'll call en route to pee test.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

What am I going to do this summer? I can't imagine starting work now. It's just getting sunny out! WAh. No more running around, drinking at noon. No more wondering what I'll be doing today. No more forgetting what day it is.

Don't get me wrong - I DO want to work again. Having a reasonable income would be grand, working my brain a little bit would be nice too. It's kinda funny, when I first got laid off I thought I'd be consumed by art. I got all these canvases & loaded up on extra oil paints, I have a bunch of rad drawing pens... You know what I was really up to? I learned to skate, I took mega snowboard trips, went to Mexico (2x!), I started a liquor collection and have friends to hang out with almost anytime I'm lookin' for em.

I have had an awesome vacation from work. Must go find skate now. Interview went well, semi-freaked on starting a real job again.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

Soundandthefury Saturday:

Waking up to a phone call 20 minutes before my alarm was going to scream, pounding headache from stiff drinks at I-Spy the night before, wondering if I have any clean clothes to wear today, and I'm out of all food except frozen burritos. Not that frozen burritos aren't the Bomb, but I wish I could have showed up to the comp about 3 hours later than I did. It went ok, I saw a bunch of people in a scene that doesn't happen all the time so that was cool. Didn't get to see much of the comp, which was fine because it hurt to concentrate on things. Am I making sense? Somehow it's 8:20 at night, and I don't know where my day went. Left the hangar to skate west Kent bowl which was Dead, which was Cool because I didn't want to deal with little kids. Then went to the pool (little mexico) because even though my legs (and ankles, shoulders and knees) were stiff and sore, I had to keep skating. Those guys are doing sick moves in there and I really want to get better. I know I won't make it up to the tile but it would be sweet to be able to do a kick-turn higher up and on the wall. It's just that those trannies are So Tight, the corners are gnarr but i keep going. I hope the pool is still a go in the summer because it's chill there. Nice. Legs about to give out, still drinking beer (bad habit, must stop drinking beer while skating) - (especially when it's sunny. that's the worst!), and I can't stop until my body is giving out, it no longer obeys what my mind commands. That is when I leave and have decided that tonight I will stay home and watch a moovey. Or just go to bed.

Must be more awake tomorrow - the finals! Wheee!

Thursday, May 09, 2002

I just realized that what I just posted sounds whiney and I'm sorry. Beat me with a fork if it makes you feel better. Then feed me some chocolate and I'll forgive you.
Late, late, ohhh it's late. I should be going to bed soon but I wanted to mark this as: I had such a fun day! Going to new parks is always fun and even though it's a bad habit, drinking biers while skating is also fun.

Too bad it was $15 for the buffalo daughter show. Why don't places have discounts for the unemployed? Surely it's because they want to motivate us to get jobs so we can pay for ourselves and whatever, but come ON! Wahh. Yeah, so I hung out upstairs which was equally if not more entertaining. Today, three things happened repeatedly. One is, I met new people. New names to learn and things to find out. (fun). Two, I got asked if I have a car. Yes I do and why is that a main question? (vroom). Three is people would ask if I have a boyfriend and although I'd like one (why? dontask) -- I don't. That's fine, but how come I haven't been asked that in awhile? Is it the faabulous haircut Jackie Chan gave me, with her funky kung-fu stizzle? Or is it that after awhile, the unemployed seek out each other and I'll be making out with some guy who's averaging about what I am from the government every week? Answer me! It's okay... I don't need to deal with guys anyways. They suck.

Having said that, I am going to bed so I don't have to think anymore. snarf.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I promise, just this one post and THEN I'll add to my site. Or get those god damn mamapics up. Something.

Ok, so WHY did we go out drinking, again? Was it to make up for the fact that the weekend was pretty beige? Gray? Narrow pinstripes that are so close together they make your eyes hurt? Most everyone I talked to was like, "Whee! Cinco de Mayo! Oh, yeah, I drank allll weekend lonnng... still recovering, thanks for asking!" Whereas mine was like, umm can I sit around for awhile, go see a skatemovie while drinking a minimal amount of nasty vodka then roll out to Burien? Ah, lovely Burien skatepark. Nothing like a 12vr of Busch (don't ask. out of PBR) and a skatemovie to get you stoked on fast snakebowl runs. I think I was in bed by like 10pm on Sunday. yay the fifth of May, y'all!

With that intro, I don't know how to come to last night, today. It was fuzzy but quickly dissolving into a bunch of "huh?" I really actually had my mind set for Rival Schools and I was kind of OK with the other bands which I'm sure were fun and I hope Jakson wasn't bummed I wanted to go somewhere else. I felt like one of those signs where the arrows go around in circles and point off into 3 different directions but eventually the circle comes back to where you're standing. Linda's is good for chillin'. I didn't want to go home yet I lacked the energy it takes to think of what to DO. That somehow lead us to Nation. Monday nights ROCK there! I totally forgot! Too bad it didn't start earlier. Another too bad was Marcy staying past 2am to keep dancing and drinking because I Hate having beer in my belly in the morning. I should have gotten a ticket for driving this morning, swear to god. I feel like I should be able to breakdance, it's in me but there is no way in hell you're going to see me out there rubbing my head against a well polished floor. Maybe if I had my own apartment with wood floors and mirrors all over the living room... Right now I think I hafe enough going on and don't really need to add a new activity.

Man I had such great aspirations for today. Wonderful things were going to happen, I tell you! So far the coolest thing I've done is get a hashbrown at mcd's. Mmmm, tasty hashbrown I love you. If the guy I marry can make hashbrowns like that, I'll be the luckiest girl.

Sweet potatoey inside. My cat is being a nerd today and doesn't want any attention. I really wanted her to sit on me to keep from reeling off the bed this afternoon, before I was able to walk straight. But noooo. Kitty rules.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

This online journal is great, isn't it? Don't you just love how much fun I'm having? Me too! Now, if only I had a job bringing in what I used to...

Yesterday, it was so hot out I couldn't get over it! Met Caro for lunch at the ohsotasty Honey Hole, where the guy behind the counter gets a dollar tip from me for getting a lime for my beer. Mmmm, sanwich! Then we skated (Burien. what'd you think?), headed over to Rain City for about 3 minutes then to get yummy icecream at the Mix. Oooh, there's another place I love. Where else do you get to tell someone to put reeses, caramel and boysenberries in your dish? Nowhere I know! Then there were killer reject pigeons attacking us for food, so we left to get a 12vr of PBR from ye ol' Hop-In market. Longboarding down fresh pavement with a beer in your hand with the sun blaring down while you're wearing a tank top and sunglasses is so rad. Then today comes and it's overcast. Why do I wonder? It's like, I grew up here and just from hearing all the imports talk about the schitty weather - makes me get stupid and wonder, too?

Then Jackson picked me up and I had another beer, but I was tired and couldn't drink very well anymore. Now it's today and I kinda just want to drink again. Need a job, searching MS-jobs online and need to call my cousin to see if she knows any of the people who are hiring.

I gotta do some stuffs now. Bye!