Thursday, October 30, 2003

It's never good to wake up with a cold. At four this morning, I knew today would be groggy and tea-infused. I like that there isn't much little updating to be done here at work, the bulk of my projects really are projects and not little to-do's. Lovely.

put it away
check out for the day
in for a round of over-exposure
the thing mother nature provides
to get up & go

bottle up and explode - seeing stars
surrounding you: red, white & blue

you look at him like you've never known him
but i know for a fact that you have
the last time you cried, who'd you think was inside?

It's too bad about him. Such lovely, secret songs...though I wasn't a fan of the whole thing it is always sad to know that there won't be any more.

Ravioli, I like ravioli. Ravioli, it's the one for me!
Excited to start flash 2 class. It's about time, right? I have too many projects, I think, to ever tackle them all. Does that cause anxiety? Liking to have projects and things waiting around to do, but having too many and not stopping the accumulation?

Looking forward to dinner w/B's parents!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Hola, Blog.

Seems like I've been ignoring this part of my blog-world. How would you like an update? I am currently:
- making lentil burritos
- drinking pumpkin ale (Buffalo Bill's Brewery)
- waiting on loads of laundry
- listening to new OutKast

Returned super late last night/this morning from (yearly) Mexico trip. Drove down to PDX ($140 cheaper tix) on the eve of the 16th. Spent the evening drinking beers with Brian & Mark's friend Casey & his wife Chelsea. Slept little that night, to wake up and arrive at the Portland airport at 4:45am. We were greeted with a lovely $100 fee for the surfboards - !!! I couldn't believe the lady didn't charge us more for that whoppin' nine-foot coffin!

So anyway, normal airport/layovers/sleepiness/mixedwithexcitement ensues, and we arrive in PVR at 3pm - Jalisco time. Hail a taxi for a third of the asked price and zoom our asses to Sayulita.

What a great crew! B, Mark & myself...looking for nothing but surfing, exploring, cheap beers and taco stands. Thank GOD my digital camera now has six movies and 200+ pictures on it. Plus the cameras those guys brought, I don't know if there was a moment longer than ten minutes survived without a photo documenting it! Can't wait to get into work tomorrow and download all of them. Then there's the web documentation...I think I can pull that off without much fuss. Maybe some flash auto-slideshow or insertions? Still thinking...

Our little ten-day stint went by slow, then fast, then all of a sudden we're home today and have work to look forward to (as usual). I think the thing that is really going to stand out in my memory are the waves. They were larger, more consistent and just really so much more Fun than I have ever seen them down there! Never thought I would spend my vacation time hanging out at the Beach under an umbrella, but that really was the best plan and once we started, it lasted four days. I could read, wander around to stores for food, or hop in the water whenever I wanted. It's not like our house was that far away - because it wasn't, but it was just So Convenient to bring everything to the Beach and pay the darn $5.00 for the chair & umbrella use.

Emotions, sights and sounds really can't be relived in this blog. Too bad! I'm going to be slammed at work this week & next, not even sure of all the things going on that I missed. Want to get pictures posted and adventures official SOON.

Damn I made a good batch of burritos! I like that there are some things I can cook well. Next I'm trying some squash. I don't think it will be that hard, but I'm already thinking of yummy things to make with it. Soup, bread, muffins, dip?

Between the hour-changeover and being an hour ahead for a little over a week, I'm starting to get sleepy.