Sunday, December 21, 2003

Oh my god, blog. This weekend did not have enough hours in it. Boo! On Friday, I had to powernap to function, then experiment with vinyl for present-making. Very different than expected. Instead of easy and fast, it was over an hour of figuring out how to make the stupid material agree with me in terms of sew-ing ma-chine. I think I got it, but by that time I was ready to quit and catch a cab with Sara to then grab Gin and go to Dragonfish for some deliciouso tofu pillows and pearl sake. Yum-um!

Saturday was like - woah! Why did I wake up at almost 10am? Guess I WAS exhausted from the week...B and I lazed about until about 11:15 and then took the boat down to southcenter for some extremely efficient shopping. We did marvelous, I am so glad Bri doesn't dawdle about and we both had the goal to go in and get out. Then we came home only to walk downtown for another two-and-a-half hours, where I get a coffee and Bailey's to help out with the last tidbits of shopping...I almost exploded in several different ways, trying to navigate around this crazy town (on foot, even!) and get things Done. But yes, we came home and were both too wiped to cook. (yay pizza)

Today...oh, I can barely even keep typing! Today Holly came to meet me around 10:45am and we walked downtown for just about three hours. Have I done enough walking this weekend or What. Goal today was to get Holly's shopping done and finish my Cards. While the ones for my work-buddies (are out of control. really.), I will still come home to make some more cards tomorrow. But I think I have a beta version down for next year, it will be really snappy. Plus, I took pictures before they are going to be sent off, I think that might help?

Okay I am so over this weekend. I've been working now since 8pm and just want to SLEEP. Stupid busy weekend, too much work to do, so much shopping, and I feel full of spirit but weary. Very excited for Whistler, much more so than for Stupid Sales Meeting. Excited to relax with everyone, for Tandoori, for Sushi perhaps, for some actual riding and not just a couple runs and then backdownforwork. Phew.

Sleep...oh bed, you are so sweet to me...exhausted.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rant: sick of all the work that is piled on us. Not a chance of creativity to seep out of anywhere. We are busy busy and I have tunnelvision.

Rave: B got me a boquet of cute anemones! They don't smell, but they are so colorful and look like something you could make out of crepe paper, perhaps. Their leaves are clustered and I just Love seeing them by my desk.

Tried making christmas cards with my wonderful printer last night. Looks like although I know tons about web graphics, I have a lot to learn about my digital camera and how to bring in images at 300dpi instead of changing it afterwards. Duh.

Going up to Whistler for a week did nothing but take away from my creative time. I need that! OK back to work so I can do my own work tonight...

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Today sucks. I hate being at work today. All I can do to keep from crying my eyes out is keep my headphones on tight, don't look over to see what is going on across my room. I can't wait for the 4:30 boat to come and pick me up, while I'm sitting in Hunter's car trying to avoid eye contacts and conversations. Just want to go home and curl up in the oceans of blankets on the bed. Sleep, tears, nothing work. I hate that so much work is piled up but my brian wants to divert. My eyes don't want to focus on these screens.

Still hooked on Transatlanticism. It's like a lullaby for me to code to.
You know what I could do without?

When I'm walking down the hall at work, like over by the mailboxes, for example, and I pass some person I don't know and I get that GRIN. Like saying, hey, I'm friendly. You don't know me, we just happen to both work for the same company, but I can at least smile. The eye contact is never warm, it's just business as usual.

Stupid business.

Monday, December 15, 2003

What an awesome weekend! B, my dad, Becky and I tripped out to the cabin and did some major nothings. For having such a packed schedule, it was supernice to put in some time for not running around, not snowboarding, not anything. We got in late, had a beer, went to bed. Saturday we slept in until 10.20am which is pretty much unheard of for me...guess I needed it? Walked down to the river which was silently being covered in snowflakes. Took some lovely pictures of everything, ate hot cocoa, played scrabble & hearts, snowshoed (in the dark! with headlamps - very cool), knitted a ton and smiled more. I have said it a thousand times before, but how great is it, how many people can really say that their best friend is also who they want to marry? Words can't spell it out.

Now back on the island - wooo. Monster/Fangfish made it through the long stretch of no foods. I swear beta fish are the best. Low maintenance. And I think I may be able to last with Grandaddy for the morning. Really need to ween myself off of dc4c or I may tire of it too soon. Wear off the shine.

Ah la la. Such a great ad I get to work with - bye!

Friday, December 12, 2003

I really like the singer from Iron & Wine. Barely whispering sweet things. Listening to him makes me want to cry for beauty.

Today has blown by. Too many ideas, I can't focus. Need to prioritize and g-o. Finished my belt and now want to figure out what to do with big fun yard of clear vinyl. Need to find time to practice making truffles, I am guessing it won't be as easy as the instructions read. Sort of like fresh spring roll experiment. Wouldn't that be exciting though? It could also equal a big stomach-ache.

Beautiful roses sitting next to my desk. I love them! I love having flowers as company for when I work at home. Hi, flowers!


Thursday, December 11, 2003

So right now, I am officially
"so annoying"

I want to sew, I want to add mexico pics to my website. I want to have a glass of wine and watch a movie. I just don't feel like going to bed yet. Which is pretty out of the norm. I bet in twenty minutes I'll be snuggling up.

Tonight went to new fabric store for clear vinyl. I have grandiose ideas for belts, wallets and small handbags. While there (with only 25 minutes to closing) I had racing thoughts of embroidered pillow/cases, faux fur hats, thick felt bags and things with snaps on them. I hate that I don't know where to find the really good things like belt buckle/loops, neat snaps, etc. Prolly just second-hand or Red Light, right? We'll see. So anyway, I wanted to buy about a hundred dollars worth of things but couldn't justify it. This was purely a present-shopping visit.

And I am STILL listening to Transantlanticism. Tried some Halo Benders but I'm back. When will I tire of it? Soundtrack for December, it seems...

Very excited for the cabin.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Left: why is Mudhoney playing at the showbox?
Right: i dunno, maybe it could be good, like you're back in highschool?
Left: yeah...sorta skeptical on this though, I didn't like their later think it could be fun?
Right: Oh i didn't say that. i think it could be, but prolly better to stay home and see if someone else went. showbox is probably twenty bucks anyway.
Left: good call.

That is the conversation my brain had when I saw mudhoney on the

i am waiting for you to flee the scene
as if you held in your hand the smoking gun
and on the floor lay the one they said you loved


Thank gad I'm home again. It's really terrible, but I'm starting to tire of Whistler. Who does that? Who gets tired of being surrounded by gorgeous mountains and snow dumps? (me.) It really would have been more fun, less lonely, not so drab if B were up there with me. Big fat OH WELL to that because imhome! Really made good time w/Hunter. Left the Delta at 1:40, crossed truck customs at 4pm and dropped him off pretty much at 6pm. Got home, got kisses, went out to Machiavelli with B. Haven't really cared for it the past couple times we've gone, but last night was pretty much good - the spinach ravioli did it for me. And I remembered that although a chianti is what I want, at Machiavelli it's the house red/merlot that is best.

The cat, snuggling and toes at bedtime, finally some good music on the radio...I love travelling and being out but right now all I want to do is nerd out on my computer and drink tea. Mmm.

Can I just say that I hate bro-brahs? I saw so many blowjobs this past week and it's really disgusting. People need to just realise they work for a snowboard company, and that in itself is fun. But they don't need to be so upping each other and kissass. I prolly didn't see all that I could have, being that I was busy and also avoiding most crowds and parties...

Oh and I also have to say that it sucks when you have to go somewhere for a long time and your best friend, your boyfriend, isn't there. So that everything you want to go and have fun doing, is without him. Paints everything a shade of lonely. A shade of appreciating that other friends were there just a little more. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving relationship. Something that most people should envy. Though I never knew it possible to have such a large love, every day I am overwhelmed with feelings of appreciation, awe, wonderment at what we have.

Begonia really wants to play. She's climbing all over the couch and running around at high speeds. And I can't stop listening to transatlanticism! On the way home we were stuck because my smart ass forgot my cds back at the hotel. I swear deathcab is good in any situation. Ben Gibbard = makes soundtrack to my life. Weird. kexp just played some new strokes song and I sorta liked it. What does THAT mean?

Two days we go to the cabin. Two weeks we go back up to Whistler. Twenty days and we hop on a plane to Jackson HOle! Wooohee to that! This month is so packed with fun I can hardly think about the work that is also piling up. Stupid work. Stupid everybody wants their own site and we have zero creative realm to embrace. Glad that work is opening up here, would be nice to go do something different, something appreciated.

Gotta clean frog's pad. Feeling responsible for their uncomfortableness. Maybe if we named them...I would attach personality and also more parental responsibility to them? Horrible me.