Monday, November 24, 2003

I wish the world was flat like the old days
& I could travel just by folding the map
no more airplanes or speedtrains or freeways -

there'd be no distance that could hold us back.

Such an impressive show on Friday! Oh, the songs they sang...the dancing and Love I felt inside! Big smiles, still as I keep listening to Death Cab, I love the pretty pictures they paint in my head as I work. Watercolors, not watered-down, but dauby and blots and such.

Holy cow I have work cut out for me this (two-day) week. Gotta get the going on!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Weird Dream I Had:

I was staying on this farm with a girl who I (really) met in Mexico, she lives up in Kamloops and is name Dominga. We were hiding out in her attic for some reason (it was cold?) and we had to keep covering up the windows with blankets and had nothing but some nails and random items to use as a hammer, to keep the coverings in place. There wasn't really any furniture; sleeping bags were strewn across the floor. There were a bunch of those and it looked like it should stink like a hippie room but it didn't. I don't remember any smells. The two of us were sticking our heads out of this window that was near the back of the room, it was biting cold outside but she had this cigarrette she wanted to smoke and so that window was left open. I smelled it and it smelled like pot, but also like some herbs. So I asked her what it was and she said "thursday smoke". It looked like a joint, and I smoked some and my whole head went upside-down. Like when you watch a movie and you're looking straight ahead, then the camera pans down to your feet really fast, then spins around in a circle, then you're looking back at the ceiling. That's what happened to me, what I saw, when I smoked it. I looked down from the window where we were and saw that the room we were on was actually connected to a truck bed, like a trailor. But the room we were in was so big! It was almost the size of my apartment, so maybe 600 sq. ft? She kept smoking the joint, and dropping it on the window sill. And she also kept repeating "thursday"...not even looking at me, it was like we were in two separate worlds, really. The truck started to move, and everything was shifting in our room. Now there Was furniture - dressers were sliding back and forth across the entire length of the room, on the shiny wood floor. Dominga kept smoking. We were travelling on a bumpy, rocky dirt road. The blankets were all falling off the windows, and light was streaming in. It was hurting my eyes, it was brighter than normal sunlight. Then we laid back on the sleeping bags, with everything shifting and rolling and bumping along. Looking up at the ceiling, it was like a big patchwork system. It might have even been made out of cloth, so many different patterns and shapes it was like looking at a very close-up view of a model farm or something that is usually very small and miniature.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Or, should I say: flu shots "provided by" RM. So if he doesn't see your name on the list, you know he's gonna keep a log in his head about it and if you do end up getting sick, he's gonna terminate you. Yeah, I know...presidents of companies don't really have time or interest in keeping up with things like that, but it was in back of my mind. So I got one. Don't know if I have gotten one before, but gee my arm hurts now. Weird how I didn't even know it was going in and now it's all sore. Great. Ran around Greenlake last night so my legs are also sore. I'm just a big sore-ball today. Whee. Oh and I woke up this morning and think I had some vertigo, it was like I was drunk. I'm not kidding you. I had to hold on to things to keep from falling over, and I have felt slightly dizzy/naucous all day. Plus, it's real hard to see straight. (wah!)

Saw thee movies this weekend. Here is my synopsis:
#1: Lost in Translation. Very good movie. One of the best I've seen (ever?). Had touching, real moments - or, rather the whole thing seemed very real and plausible. I liked that the girl in it wasn't some skinny, beautiful, make-up-faced girl who talked a bunch of poo. I liked that the end, only she could hear what Bill Murray whispered in her ear. I liked that (I think) they fell in love - but it was a desperate, lonely, out of need for company kind of love. It was sweet, and I had tears in my eyes for one scene.

#2: Elf. Funny! Will Farrell is going on a good track, and I really laughed throughout this movie. Ending got sorta mushy/stoopid but hey - it's rated PG. You gotta expect stuff like that. Don't think I'd buy it, but glad I saw it on a Saturday night.

#3: Scary Movie 3. Maybe I should have actually watched all of #1 and also seen #2 before seeing this? It was funny (not so much as Elf), but about 1/2-3/4 of the way through, I sorta lost interest and felt like it lost the funniness and tried to hold on to a disintegrating story line. Good DVD rental material for sure. I am back on the rock. My Flash class was great. Now if I can just get six hours in front of a computer on Sundays, maybe I can just morph myself into one...trying to keep up with stretching so I don't get all wah and have to do PT again. I feel like I can't shut up lately. I keep talking, I type into this blog, I call B all the time. What is going on that I can't just think inside my brain and trust my memory to remind myself of telling someone information Later? Like I don't have a memory and must transmit:NOW.

Breakfast on Sunday at Longshorman's Daughter. Very delicious, as usual.

Going to try (if I remember!) to cut my hair tonight. Ridden with split-ends. woo.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Ouf. Still with head cold. This thing is determined to get in the way of my work! I have wonderful plans to get this hype section finished, but every day I feel pretty much worthless by 2pm. BIGWAH!

This weekend I start the much anticipated Flash 2 course! Very excited to learn more advanced concepts, esp. because Ali is already having me incorporate them into the sites...yay, me!

And not much else to report on, really...been hanging far low after work, doing a little knitting and trying to get this SQL mail thing straight. I swear, it's right on the tip of my...err - fingertips. No need to bore you with that sheyt though. Also been doing some good reading of a new author B's dad helped us discover. Carl Hiassen. Great stuff, good mystery/drama/law. Highly recommend 'Sick Puppy', which I can very much see being made into a movie.

Saw farewell CW show last friday. That was a sad, beautiful sight. As usual, my eyes welled up during the Valentine song. A special treat was the avril lavigne cover - HA! So many good songs, good shows came from that band, sucks they're not around anymore...

My brain is becoming saturated with congestion and snot, so I must go now.