Thursday, April 24, 2003

Oh, what fun. Liquid, 5150 and Morrow ALL want sites this year, and of course *flash* would be the best method of execution. Why does it feel like work is this big uphill climb? So yay we had a meeting on it and somehow I found myself sitting there, promising to have two comps done by e.o. May. MAY! Ohh, gag. I know they're going to be supereasy, copy sites. I wish I could find a new job that would offer me a bunch of money so I could counter my salary here with something better and realistic. Perhaps this is karma's idea of a funny to play back on me, since I was making absurd amounts of income two years ago, for doing less work. Hmm. Conspiracy.

Different anxiety, the good kind: tomorrow the lease gets signed! Oh fun, what joy! Pity I didn't get to study up on Feng Shui as have been wanting to...hopefully my intuition doesn't fumble the flow of energy too much...

-15 days to go!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Today I can't help it. I just don't feel like being at work! Piled up around me, requests flooding in, it all seems a bit unbearable. Consumption of chocolate in near future I predict. And why can't stupid Cory stop playing his music all loud? Did we all request to please hear ear-ruining, bad headache-causing music? I wasn't involved in the vote.

Ah, Mexico: 17 days away! Eeek! In the meantime I hope to pack and move all belongings over to the new apartment...if good ole' Fran would please call the agency back so our credit applications may be cleared. I hope there isn't any karma attached to those kinds of things. Late rent...landlord doesn't call the agency back for a little whiles...

Monster is swimming laps. I know I need to change his water! He's all agro and mouthy towards me. Makes me sad.

This weekend was fun, seeing Holly. So glad it was warm out! We had a good time, just hanging out and doing stuffs. I miss her, all the way out in Pullman. Kind of glad she's only got a year of skool left (hopefully just that!) but wonder where she'll go after that? It's funny but nice, that our entire family is all close and we don't have to plan big trips to see each other.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Blah, my nose is all stuffed. I wish I could portray the amount of snot in my head through these words I am typing.

Being sick sucks. I love eating but this cold has totally taken away my appetite. Stupid cold.

Fang is tired of living in a little bowl. He thinks he wants a nice big pond to swim in. I don't know what he'd do there, but he says he'd appreciate it all the same. What's the difference between the sayings
"Just the same"
"All the same"
? anything?

On the side (le appetizer), I do enjoy spending later evening hours in Barnes & Noble with my honey, exploring books and sipping teas.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Sun outside, sunny inside. So nice and warm today! Mexico is destined for takeoff in one month, starting today! I can't believe it's here already! The days are going to blow by, getting ready for leaving.

Last night I had this dream that I was walking down the halls at Sammamish with this girl I wasn't even friends with, and I saw Craig and Casey. They were all goth! Craig had some stuff in his hair to make it all spikey and he had dyed it black, and he was wearing eyeshadow and a ripped up t-shirt, then some lace-up boots. It wasn't really Craig because he wouldn't have ever dressed like that, but it was funny to see in my dream. Casey was goth too but he just had on this trench coat, which was creepy. His hair wasn't black, which was good because I would have gotten worried.

Now I am hungry. Foods! So glad my lovey boyfriend is getting me a munchie. Mon-chee-chee! Haa.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Well, that sucks.

I was just looking up online to try and find out what effects Turquoise has on Cancers, since it is a Saggitarian stone, and I got to find out that the President's birthday is three days before mine.

Am I doomed, Blog?
Bubbles coming out of my ears, trying to wake up! I need a blast of cold air in my face.

Tonight I get to go see Bowling for Columbine with B & Mark...been wanting to see that for awhile. I have been so much of a recluse lately! I wonder what the moon is doing right now. For awhile I was on the same pattern as the moon - if it was waxing, I had energy. So much of it, I was manic! But if it was waning, I was slow and not full of ideas or motivation. When I am closer to being myself, I don't push my energy I let it be. Perhaps that is why that will happen?

Well, duh. Just looking at my calendar, I see that tonight is a new moon (no moon), and that explains my low energy, want to sleep, and being a hermit! Phew...that is something - following the moon. We're all made of the same elements though so it does make sense that we could pick up on something that is related to us. Also here I found that right before our trip to Mexico, the moon starts waxing so when we're there we'll get a full moon! Last time I was there and it was a full moon, there were parties. People love celebrating the moon! Especially me, because being a Cancer makes me even closer to the moon. I'm a water sign, I can't help it!

So there is my dialogue on the Moon. Yay, moon! On to other topics...Bri moved in here so now my place is Full to the Brim! But it's good. I was just on the phone with my momma telling her about how I feel very much Me with B, and how I haven't ever felt that way with anyone before. But she knows that, and she told me she likes seeing us together because she knows he's good for me. I haven't had any anxiety about him moving in here, but I know I've thought about things from different angles. Does that mean some will come later? Or are we really just that cool? haha, I didn't mean it like that. Really though, I feel comfortable sharing my space with him and don't feel selfish when I need my own.

Toodles, I am going to get ready for the mov-ee. Slumber party tonight!!