Monday, March 21, 2005

Work werk. I want something to come up that will keep me working for a while. Tired of the piddling.

When work is slow, I start feeling blah. I wouldn't usually choose to hang out in front of my computer all day, so when there isn't anything going on, my mind drifts to what other projects I can work on. Sewing seems like fun. Need to get in there and make those bags I'm thinking of, and use up that fabric that I so love to buy. Looking at my bin makes me think I'm a fabric collector not a seamstress.

I really want to eat potato chips right now. Like a whole bag. Ooh or some fish sticks.

I also wanted to knit some mittens or at least something with form. Am I becoming eaten by brain rot? Letting myself get tired? Oh, maybe.

There goes another yawn.