Monday, February 23, 2004

Why, hello there, Blog.

This weekend was Spectacular! Riding at Mission was so so beautiful, sunny and warm...But! Cold enough that we got some sweet fresh powder turns through chutes, across fields and up some step-ups. Best local ski weekend for sure.

And in more exciting news: I AM ENGAGED! Yes, me. I didn't really think B was serious when he asked me, which was funny. He was so sweet and wonderful - I can't remember what he said verbatim but I instantly started crying and everything turned upside down. I actually thought I might fall out of the chairlift. Then I was worried I would drop the ring, or how to tell people I'm going to officially get married. I'm so happy that he did it when he did, everything was perfect. Sunny blue skies and with such good friends. Taking that last run down to the lodge, I'll never forget how my heart felt racing in my chest.

And all day I've been jittery to start planning the where, whos, etc of getting married! My mind keeps drifting off to it all day even though I have all this list to knock out. I know that everything will be perfect - we have the best ideas together.

Ok back to work...>>>>>>>

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Drinking coffee does no good. Not ready for tea. Excited to look at fruit booter pictures for the next couple days as I get this segment done.

Feel like hopping in a car and sleeping in the back seat, waking up and going riding or camping or hiking or Away!

Sounds kinda like this weekend will be.

Drinking coffee drains my mind. Splat*

Thursday, February 05, 2004

! ! !
I remembered my dream:
Where did it start...I was hanging out with Sarah, but this was in 8th or 9th grade and they were living up in Cedar Ridge. We had gone out to dinner with her dad, Scott, Kali and I don't know where her mom was. It was mexican food or something else that was crappy in north bend. Her dad was driving an older vanagon and we had to rig something to get the door to shut, the windows were all hack was as if the van would fall apart at any moment. So we get home, and they're living in this brown house, the lawn is nice and green but you can tell they aren't serious about the house. As everyone gets out of the van, Sarah and I are going over to sit in the grass. I look back and the vanagon is slowly rolling down their driveway. (even though the incline was larger and it should have been going faster). I run over and try to stop it because (surprise!) there are a bunch of trucks, new shiney trucks, lined up on the road below. The van's pedals are far from the seat, and narrow like a vw bug's. The steering wheel is skinny and has no power steering in it. This is all moving slo-mo and the dad comes out to help so I get out. Turns out there's this button he forgot to push (no, not the parking brake) that stops it from rolling down the hill.

Then warp to this jungle I'm living in with Dori and Lane and some other people. 1998 or so - I'm younger but still dressing stupidly. It's dark and damp and huge vines all over. Every time I try to swing down a vine or climb a branch there are spiders and furry little things scurrying by. I'm still in nanny-role for this so Lane's by my side the whole time. We were hanging out, coming in-and-out of the jungle for awhile though this part is the clearest in my mind: I'm trying to make my way down to the long dinner table at the base of these trees, but every vine has bats on it or isn't strong enough. Lane shows me these creepy vines that are thick as my arm and seem to grow from the ground up, instead of hanging. I swing my way down to the table, which is darkly lit by candles. We're eating this uncomfortable dinner (it was always stuffy eating with them), when Lane announces something: he wants to teach his classmates about Judaism. Stuart and Dori don't say much, she encourages him a little but Lane is persistent. At this point I am watching this happen, how Lane wants to do something so positive but Dori wants to protect his feelings: what if he's teased? what if he loses focus? So worried, all the time.

I fade from that scene to a house in wallingford I don't recognize. It's one of those house parties that you sorta know the host but don't bother because you know you're going to leave soon anyway. B's there with me, so this is recent. There is a large bathroom, the size of the bedroom we have now and all it has is a pedestal sink, toiled against adjacent wall (but opposite each other); the walls are painted velvety red and it has cream curtains. There is a door in from the hallway and a door out to the bedroom that nobody is in, the lights are out in there. I'm in there talking with B about something, we're not needing to be in the bathroom but the door doesn't lock. Laura from my old work comes stumbling in with (her boyfriend?) and I don't recognize her until she says my name. She's crying, she's really upset about something and needs a hug but she's so happy to see me. Didn't she move down to CA? Why is she at this party? Turns out we're at mikey wolfson's house, not in wallingford but on queene anne. Very strange. B is talking to her boyfriend-guy but the guy doesn't seem right. I can tell B's thinking something like "who the hell ARE these people?" because I feel trapped, like what do I have to say to Laura? She's going on about how She is the original LK, not Lucas. Does it matter? Then all at once she's wasted, she's needing to throw up but about six people come stomping in from the bedroom door, they're needing the toilet, the towels hanging on the wall, the sink needs more soap and we're out of hot water.

These dreams were liquid, they were a resurrection of people from my past that I never think about and this makes me interested in these dreams. I kept dreaming this morning, drifting out of consciousness that I needed to get up and tasting for more dream, wanting to see where I would go next. Fun but strange. Dreams are funny like that.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Oh, and two more things:

  • ordered NEW 15" PowerBook Friday! CANT WAIT! (our first purchase together, too)

  • got Modest Mouse tickets FINALLY because we were slackers for so long we were darn lucky they didn't sell out.

    ...and I did not succeed in my new year's resolution (#2): make a new meal every month from scratch. I'll do it soon so I can make up for it. It's such a good and easy decision. I Love Eating!

    So yay, but boo. I'm doing well with having my sh!t together.
  • Hey. I am on the end of wrapping up a very relaxing yet fulfilling weekend...Friday I had all intentions of staying in and knitting, doing webthings, etc. while B went to Jamie & Jenay's housewarming party. Turns out traffic was bad so when his ride came, they all came up for a bit of wine to wait for it to die down. I had a glass, then I was convinced to join them. It was a friendly enough party. See, I'm still getting to know and warming up to B's outer circle of friends. Half of them I hadn't seen in a year or so, and that was the first time I met them. They are all great people, good intentions and intricite lives and all. Glad I went! Short and sweet - I was back by midnight.

    Saturday I went solo up to Alpental and Boy Oh Boy was I glad I did! The snow was so light and plentiful, I rode for a good three hours before the weekend crowds got to me. Taking some first turns down gunmount was just awesome, nobody seems to care about the weekday spots on the weekend? And elevator was great again and again...deep powder, big curvy turns...ahh...That's what I needed to want to go up after work!

    Came back, met my mom for some lunch (breakfast for me!) at the B&O. It was nice talking to her, I think our relationship has grown a lot in the past few years. After that I relaxed about w/Bri and felt lazy. Went out to eat w/Sara and Mark at that ummy pizza place down in belltown. It's always good there, great wine - I'm just not drawn to it as often as other places. Having an entire pizza makes for great leftovers though.

    Aand today we slept in a tad before going to eat with Mark up at the broadway grill. I need to get some new eggs here (mine are no good) so I can make morning foods at seems silly sometimes to go out because it's so easy to make a really good breakfast at home. Especially when the two-egg meal is around $7. Unnecessary.

    For the first time in a long while, February came and I feel like I really lived through January. You know how it is when days or months just fly by? I noticed it ticking by but it didn't drag and it didn't zoom. It was perfect, like a great balance between lazy, artsy, movie/tv-watching, and activities.

    And every day I drift more and more in breakfast this morning I felt the freshness of first date and longevity of love that lasts, that grows with time...