Friday, September 12, 2003

Made a nice little list of things that are better to do tonight than go out. Some light cleaning, some projects, some cards to write. In comes the rain, and with it arrives a lust for hermit-ism. Tonight I organised my file drawer and am baking cookies! They didn't turn out how I wanted (though I'm currently baking the 3rd set, so we'll see) but they still remain pretty tasty: reese's pieces with oatmeal. Had a hard time finding a recipe, seeing as reese's doesn't just give you one like hershey's does.

Well. Glad this week is over, I am head-over-heels in love with the atHome for the weekend idea. The past few months have been a flurry of fun, trips, things to-do galore! But I am ready for a pleasant chill-out session.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

About a week ago I was reading in Discover Magazine, about human evolution and what we learn from studying and examining fossils of our ancestors. At some point in the article, there was discussion of what our next relatives will look like, how they will advance from us. From now.

Today, I am sitting at my computer. I have a keyboard tray. I have an ergonomic chair and keyboard. I have blocks under my desk legs, to help elevate it to the proper height so that my body isn't crunched or being forced into uncomfortable positions.

My proposal is that in another million years, what our relatives will be seeing are bone structures that are hunched from sitting at computers, cracked wrists and longer arms from reaching for the mouse. The internet super highway has its impacts!

Disgusting, I know.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

they're all surrounding,
we're both hoping -
they're slowly attempting one thing
to stand up
with dignity - to walk away

This song haunts me in the morning, with its quiet whispers and jen's voice in the background. I can't believe they're breaking up and we'll never get to see them after nov.2!

Such a great weekend, such a beautiful time we had...
Thursday was Coastal Kitchen and Man! those guys can cook up some wicked dishes. I ordered up some ginger chicken that had just that right amount of jerk sauce on it, and the veggies were Mmm. B got this BEEF dish but he loved it. For dessert - ohmygod - fresh, sliced fruit with a rum/cinnamon/nutmeg glaze with coconut ice cream! My tastebuds were in ecstasy and I could not stop taking bites. More than savory, this dish was filled with wonderful tastes every bite. YUM. After such a pleasant dinner-time, we weren't ready to go home yet. So we skipped down to the Hop Vine pub, which neither of us (strangely) had been to before. It was a smoke-friendly bar but lucky for us, it was smoke-free (or, relatively) that night. Comfortable air was drifting in from the doorway, and we enjoyed some imported beers they had on tap. I loved that night, it will always stick in my memory. We always have beautiful and easy conversation, Brian and I. I love him so much!

Now for the quick recap:
Friday I worked from home so we could go down to Bumbershoot w/Sara & Brendan to get MM tickets for everyone. After work, Nick & Christy showed up, we met up with Mark and Stevie and vroooom! headed down to the show. It's still strange to me that Modest Mouse isn't more popular - that they couldn't even fill up half of the stadium, on a Friday night. Setlist was crazy, too! Along with the four new songs they played (which are great), we got some cowboy dan & trailer trash. Plus others that really get me dancing, but I didn't used to follow the song names, so forget about it.

Saturday Ohh, lovely lounge at home day! Breakfast at the B&O (used to be restricted, gave it another chance!) - shaking up some good bloody mary's at that place! Nice little hangover cure, they've got. Scones are a Go...
Spent some nice time just doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g at the apartment...feet up on the couch, sprawled across the bed, talking about everything and nothing with B...Around 2 it was time to get ready for ye grande ole' Cirque du Soleil. I had never been and neither had B; it was our present to each other. Very excited to go, very excited to have gone. It was mezmerizingly beautiful. Captivated audience we were, I didn't want it to stop. Beautifully intricate costumes and well-played out parts. Equal parts laughter, skill, amazement, gymnastics, and love. Go!

Sunday It was all about getting out & skating today! Jeezus, how long had it been?? weeks? SO, we were supposed to rally out to Bainbridge but a flaw in communications led us out to Bonney Lake. That's fine with me! The snakerun/bowl there is just sick, so fun! It felt like no time had gone by, I was loving the nipple, the corner curve, the bowl and yeah! the loup-de-loup. Time flew by there, it was so much fun. We didn't have a bbq that day, but the little dip I took in the lake felt sooo necessary. Love water. Love swimming and being in it. At Eli & Michelle's, I floated a little down the river by their house and it was a little piece of heaven...Just lay back my head, lifting up the feet and d r i f t. Love it!

Monday Had a little bit of a late waking-up but gathered together w/friends and headed down for Day Two at Bumbershoot. Carissa's Wierd played their second-to-last show and it was Perfectly Sad. Beautiful songs, I had goosebumps the entire show. They played everything I like listening to and more. Last song, it was just the two of them doing a little duet. I am very looking forward to nov.2.
That night was Wilco, and they played two of the songs that I always think of B when I hear. I love that we have our songs, our bands, that we "adopted" for our own. Cute! Bonus round that night, we had time after Wilco to eat foods and catch Pedro! I haven't seen Casey in forever, but it made me happy to see that him & Jen are engaged!! I miss seeing Casey as much as I used to, but am happy he found a girl that compliments him well and makes him happy. He was always wanting that, and really deserves it.

I love everything about what I've been doing. This year has been flying by, I can't believe many things have been done and so many dates to come! I am so happy, so content and so smiley inside.