Monday, January 26, 2004

Fucken can't figure out my new health insurance. I know I'm not pleased with it: I have to pay a deductible on going to acupuncture before my 90% coverage kicks in. Stoopid insurance plans.

In other news, we took our first trip to Mission of the season. Of course it was a great time - eight great friends, in the middle of Wenatchee, with not much to do besides boozin' and foolin' around. Too bad the snow was packed so hard you could ice skate on it. Ok, not that bad, but it was freaking COLD out there! Brrr. Hopefully next weekend brings better snow. Sounds like Stevens has been getting dumped on and I think we're planning on some hooky to go ski tomorrow? (ok not hooky but more fun than admitting to getting morning off...)

Monday, January 12, 2004

Hooo, I found my guilty pleasure of the day. In Hunter's folder: Dude Ranch. When did this come out? My senior year of highschool or later? No matter when, this isn't good but IT IS!

Blog, I need to go back to acupuncture. My arm is hurting me again and I don't remember when but I hurt my shoulder in Jackson. I wake up it hurts, I turn it, I'm putting on my clothes and it Hurts. Typing hurts. I am a big pile of uncomfortableness in my arms. Great.

Oh and CP is moving in to the cube next to us. Yay, that. I feel claustrophobic in my large cube with a view.

I can't write now although I want to. Really on a roll today.