Friday, August 22, 2003

Well, well, well. So I finally decide to post again! Good for me. Hi-5, melissa!

Since it has been nearly a month (tsk, tsk!) since my last update, here's the skinny of the phat:
This weekend we (hunny, mark & I) are heading out to Plain to visit Eli & Michelle. A birthdays celebration of sorts. I have only met the duo once back in January, but it was good times, down to earth. Excited to get out and slowww dowwwn. We have been on the GoGoGo for the last I don't know how many months.
Let's see:
- went to Chelan and met Mark's parents. Great Folks! They have a beautifully awesome little house with plenty of places to camp out. We played scrabble, went out on the boat (lovely cruise) and up to some rocks B & Mark knew of. This is the same place that they historically peed on each other...I hate jumping off of things, and this was I think over 20'. Super deep-blue water, the kind that makes you think the Loch-Ness is lurking under there, but I knew it was safe. We drank some beers, watched some stupid gawkers, Brian did a naked backflip off the rock for them. HA! And then, Then I jumped in. Did it three times, so I hope the next time I go back there I'll have the guts to do it then, too. That was fun, getting over a little hung-up fear like that.
So, that's Chelan. Wonderfully relaxation, pleasant memories. Love to go back.

- went hiking from Ozette to Rialta Beach. This was with my sista and my hunny. We camped out in LaPush one night, then left a car there and one in Ozette. It was about a 20-mile hike and we slept two night over it. First night was all sandy, easy walking and camped right there on the beach. I Loved seeing the sea otters enjoying their catch, and the alone-ness over there at Yellow Banks. We're gonna go back there, it was an easy hike in but damn - nobody there! Perfect. The rest of the hike (14 miles?) was a Lot of rock hiking/clambering. I really didn't believe the book when it said we were in for a moderate/strenuous hike. Nuh-uh. But there we were, oh yes, hiking the most technical, most concentrating shit right out on our coast. We had to keep with the tides, many places got drowned in high-tides and luckily we crossed at Just the right times. It was slippery, balancing, serious business. But the campsites, the fires and everything just US was so very worth it. I loved that, and am so glad B and I can do so much together! Cheers to us, honey - we've got many adventures to come.

- ooh and the weekend after that was Marci & Matty's wedding. Beautiful. I don't think I can write too much about this because pictures do more glory than my words. Everyone that came was fun to be around, to meet and par-tay with. (though I really Did Not need those shots across the street!) I had a fun time, dressing up for reals for my first time I can remember. We went to the zoo and out to pizza - it was a grand adventure weekend. Packed with fun. The kind where I come home feeling like I could still do more, if it weren't so close to my bedtime! (and yes, I have YET to post pictures from anything...bad, bad melissa!)

Coming up are still MORE adventures, can you believe it? Me neither. (properly: Neither can I?) Those I can't divulge in yet, seeing as we're not to those days. In-between these days, I have been working. Work is going good though I really want to take some classes. I'm feeling stagnant and everyone is driving me crazy. Do this, change that, add this measly bit of info. I want CREATIVITY here, people! Blarf.

Everything is going so grand, so much love in my heart for everything right just keeps growing and I Love all of it!