Tuesday, February 05, 2008

being sick sucks.

Dear Blog, I hate being sick. What did I do to deserve this, I was just sick last month! Body aches, head is spinning when I'm out of bed. Driving around tonight was interesting, I was half feeling like I might pass out and half sweaty, then half freezing. So that's 150%. Hmm.

Leaving tomorrow for vacation, though it hardly feels like it's here. Packing hasn't happened. Neither has laundry or kitty litter or watering the plants - all the fun things I do to prepare to leaf. It WILL happen though and I will leave, feeling fully prepared and hopefully "with it". I know excitement is in me, I know a huge smile will grace my face on the train ride down and the entire car ride over. What is it, 16+ hours? LOVE the road trip!! Love it all, love the path I'm taking for life. Of life? Taking life? That reads funny but I know what I mean ...

I'm not much fun to talk with right now, am I? My toes are giddy, they like clicking against each other.

Feeling fatigued about work since the new year started. Every time I try to put my finger on it, I come back to the thought of "what if this is just how it is?", and fatigue sets in deeper. It's like I don't have time to sit back like I used to, I need to make time to do that. It's all in my mindset and I know this, and at the same time I'm worn down too much to care. Sounds so shitty when I write it out and maybe it's just because I'm sick right now but that's what I feel.

Going to sleep now. Hopefully I can zip around tomorrow lickety-split. Hop hop like a bunny!