Sunday, December 08, 2002

How nice it was this morning to go out on a bikeride! The fog was crawling through everywhere, everything was illuminated by glow of steam and sun.

And my honey love comes home today. How long the time was, and how slow it went but yet today here he comes! I think it would have been easier for me, if I didn't feel so sick and out of it all week. I have all these aspirations but can't get them started. Like a lawn mower who doesn't feel like starting on the first or even the second pull of the wire. I keep sitting and dreaming out my window, placing myself as a leaf on the tree across the road. Wanting to not wake up from my thick dreams, waving in the crisp cold breeze. But here I am still. I always am. I need to do things, my dreams I can live in them with no thinking. I can spend a week in my head, just pacing around or dancing alone with the butterflies that are so large and their wings are translucent purples, oranges, bright red and I can touch them. They don't have feet on the ground, but fly and drift around me. I can hear them breathing, but it sounds more like a song or birds than like we breathe.