Thursday, May 22, 2003

Holy two-boat work schedule, Blog. Very pleased I caught the 6:55 today...

Just found out that spinach and peanuts block your body from absorbing calcium. But not chocolate = Interesting.

Looking forward to Whistler this weekend!! I hope it warms up up there, just checked and it is a rigid 30F. Not exactly what I'd like but hey that's good! Also hoping it stays dry because I would very very much like to go skatepark touring up the hwy as well. Fun weekend coming up with my honey! I love it that we can do anything together & don't get bored and don't run out of words to say. Love that we are going out of town, to forget about things for a few days.

Argh must work must Work! Bogged down in a swamp, must work. Belle & Sebastian are perfect right now.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Oh Blog. I am getting tired of fixing my posture. I almost told my p.trainer to just tape me up so I can screw all these stretches and exercises. But my doktor wants to stop acupuncture & start on massage, which would be a lovely treatment.

B's birthday is tomorrow and Brian since you read this sometimes, I can't very well write what I got you now CAN I? Hah. Gin and I took the early boat (whee) and ran all over the place before finding what we needed: undisclosed birthday present item here. She sure can come in handy for knowing what to get for people! Such a lovely, thoughtful girl. This weekend is getting all full of stuffs.

And I want a nice new wide skateboard. Very envious of B's new deck...

On the positive, work is seeming accomplishable again. The tables are giving me issues but it's coming along nicely. Stupid MS with their stoopid .NET krap, they were in our office today filming and they were like "oh, you guys are the web department - can we film you like, doing some real-life work?" Ali and I both despise this attention. Ali more than I, likely, being as she really knows a whole bunch and nobody out there even knows a small percentage of it. Then this guy has to come out and - oh I don't know. I think it was also Vickie Mercer who creeps the entire company out. She came by, then lousy Pius and his droning voice came by With the Cameramen. Just obnoxious.

Ah yes, the positives...getting excited planning someone's birthday. Never done that before. Cute gerbera daisies here by my desk...all bright & cheery. Oooh and we're planning time up at the condo in Whistler - biking yay! Summer trips are looking splendid. I can't wait to go surfing! Want to nail down SD - excited to surf in warm weather. Oooh yes. Longboard skimming across bubbly waves with sunshine on my back, sounds of crashing water and getting wet in my bathing suit. I.Can't.Wait!!

Monday, May 12, 2003

Limited mobility passenger elevator

Servicing the piling

Such a fun yesterday, canoeing! Seeing the blue heron very up-close, when it was stuck in the reeds...the eagle chasing the seagull...getting stuck backwards in the dead-ended tunnel. Mother goose, large mother goose, guarding her nest and scaring me. Having fields of lily pads surrounding and the sun shining its rays right through the bright green leaves, casting soft glow across everywhere I look. And then having to pee in the middle of the fun.

Rotating scrabble board = trouble.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Ug. Highly delerious due to lack of proper sleep. Bedtime: 2am. Awaketime: 5:45. Stupid early boat. What in god's name was I thinking? Stupid scrabble addiction. I wasn't even playing with good score last night.


- work. finish Ride boards...specs & features. need to create interactivity per Tara's req?

- mandatory picnic. no longer care about rumored beer.

- followed by mandatory meeting. hmph.

- acupuncture. maybe she can stick a needle somewhere that will make my body think it has gained sleep?

- sleep, cozy, lounge etc. tonight. highlight of the day!

Reheating hazlenut soy latte was worst idea in the world. Disgusting - took one sip and almost hurled self out of whale.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Staying up until almost midnight finishing pages just doesn't work when I have to wake up at 6:30. Lethargic drawl runs through my limbs.

DeathCab is just about all I can handle right now. Enough of stupid new White Stripes, no thanks Cory. ...stupid cory.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I am eight years old. Today has not been a very good day. Today has made me want to scream because right now that's what I am doing inside. I hate feeling like my whole life built up to this day has been one big mistake and it's not getting any easier to figure out where I'm going. I hate that when we were putting up those framed polaroids in the kitchen that the sun had to come bashing down and make that loud noise. And I don't hate my kitty but I didn't like that watering pitcher to hurl itself off the windowsill when I opened the window, causing Begonia to leap out of my arms with her claws ripping into my arms, then landing on the lucky bamboo pot and cracking its lovely green varnish.


Brian's not good at small talk. And that's okay!

JoJos for dinner....that's okay, too. Thanks B for going and getting that because I am stuck here building out my 24 pages of snowboards. Yay.

Don't like how I've been feeling about myself this week. Want to crawl in a hole. Really don't want to go to the picnic on Friday, though beer is a good incentive. Stupid work picnic, stupid boss leaving for vacation so we have to come in on our days-off.

Oh I am full of complaints right now! Let's hear something positive, okay? ...I am looking at beautiful roses that my honey brought me. They smell lovely and remind me that even though I might not feel like it, I can be special.


Monday, May 05, 2003

Resisting the urge to go to scary upstairs cafeteria. Have been hearing good reviews lately from A, but still skeptical. I know there was a reason I was protesting!

Recent thoughts:

- when acupuncture/PT is finished, will maybe do yoga instead of kung foo

- whistler over memorial day/skate tour - very fun

- check into frequent flier miles/san diego surf trip

- when IS cory going to stop playing that g-damn postal service?

- want to go skating after work! it's all sunny!

- look up 2, 3-letter words for scrabble

See all the business inside my head right now? And I'm supposed to be working on these images for the dana site. Thank god the sb site's almost done...this pile isn't getting any smaller!

Excited Holly is coming home!

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Sucks it rained today. SO glad I went out yesterday w/Gin to Burien & Lakewood. It was nice, both weren't even packed and we got there a little late. That little brat that calls me fart-girl was there. He makes me want to vomit, these kids are so good, so young. I love it. Then at Lakewood it was funny, there was this dad there wearing all pads and a safety vest with "Volunteer Patrol" on the back. He was giving me tips on rolling off the spine. Gotta love it! Then we practiced our ollies next to the car and took off. Though I have no desire to hop curbs and skate street, I love that other people do because of the practice it takes to get that good.

And the little girl wearing her Good Charlotte t-shirt, with boots on.

Had a garage sale yesterday. B made $400 off his snowboard gear, etc. Yay garage sales. Boo to the fish & chips at Pacific Inn. Are they only good with beer? Today is a good day for me to get everything cleaned up, positive side of it being wet & can't skate. I can't believe the unpacking process has taken this long. But it feels good, I love everything about this place! Kinda weird that I live in the same building as Jody. I've never had a friend live in the same building before. Glad she keeps her blinds drawn because I like having mine open. I don't think I could be comfortable in my room unpacking everything if I looked up and saw her looking out her window. Ack.

Want to be huge recluse lately. Too much socialization squashes my mind from roaming.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

One question: WHY would you go to an all-skateboarding event, if you don't even skate? Please submit all responses directly to me. I want to know!


Too bad I'm at work today and can't leave flowers on people's doorsteps. That's ok, there aren't really flowers anywhere to pick.

So I am just about all moved in now and it feels So Good!! Very fun place we have now. And a new plan with Mexico: we're going to take a little vacation in October now - fun! It will be a bit of a burden off my back, I can focus on work and not worry about being tight for money. We'll do something superfun for B's birthday still, for sure. Want to have a party! And hopefully now, we can hang out in San Diego for a little weekend. I haven't been there since my 9th birthday. The only reason I remember that is because there was a little bookshop there I got to choose out a book. So I am not too sure what exactly we'd be doing down there, but it would be very fun to find some surf spots and just hang with my sweetie. So fun!

Good updates, we have. Work is a big hairy swamp right now, complete with alligators and wombats coming to get me. A bit of anxiety, and Ali feels the same way. Hope to hear good things about our budget today. Keeping fingers crossed.