Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Hey! Oh how much do I LOVE getting away like that? Friday night we moseyed up to Whistler, where scrabble playing ensued and I stepped in Stevie's beer-spit. Socks in garbage. Saturday woke up and hmmm, it's a little damp out. What! The tops of the mountains were a mystery, shrouded in thick fog. Pretty scary-looking to go up and ride so we all hopped in the white whale to head North: Mission find Indoor Skatepark. B & me had seen a flyer for an opening-day comp at this indoor skatepark that was somewhere up by Pemberton. Logic told us that if we asked the yokels in Pemberton where this park was, they could point the way. After asking three different groups of people, we emptied our bladders and headed out in unknown direction. According to the most "reliable-sounding" person, if we went "on that road to your left", and kept on it "even after it turns into a one-lane gravel road", we'd find it. We didn't know when, but estimations lead us to believe it was around 60km. So...we're on this dirt road, spirits are high, scenery is mind-blowing. It was SO gorgeous out there, even more magnificent than Whistler. We stayed on that road for quite some time. Road went up, road followed long dropoffs, road was found to have two cute bear cubs chillin' in it. Look, there's the mama! Those were precious.

This expedition, we held up pretty well. Mark was fuming (because his newly-fixed car was getting worked!), though it wasn't easy to tell. I think we all were thinking, at one point or another, that we felt absolutely daffy for thinking that we would find a skatepark out in the middle of ginormous mountains and wilderness. It was just too absurd! After a bunch of outbursts and jokes, the din died down to a few comments here and there, and our token drunk took a nap in the back. We drove about an hour-and-a-half on this dirt road. It was never ending! At a random crane, out in the middle of literally nowhere, we turned around. No skatepark. I know it's there somewhere, Braelorn (sp?) does exist, but all the locals of Pemberton seemed just a little confused as to where it actually IS. See MAP

See that river to the left? I think that's what we were following. It was pretty massive. Felt very nostalgic of dinosaurs roaming the earth, if that makes any sense.

We Never found the now legendary indoor skatepark of Bralorne. Maybe next time, right? So we kept driving right on out of Pemberton and I tried to ride the skatepark we knew, but my legs were pretty weak from sitting in a car for five hours. Five Hours!

The rest of the weekend consisted of blissfully satisfying skatepark riding and tourage, mini scrabble tourneys and MMmmm food consumption. Oh god, how I love to eat! And those martinis and the Mongolie Grill....deammmn! I wish I had my own little mongolie grill here in my kitchen. How supercool would that be? "hmm, I'm hungry -- I think I'll go have my pick of whatever I want from my little mongolie-bar..."

I was away long enough to let my mind off on a tangent and not think about anything but where I was. I wish I had the ability to do that at any time. No more worrying about this or that randoms, just being where I am. It was very refreshing to get away from everything.

I am so grateful with what life has given me. I have so much to appreciate and enjoy!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

well i'll go to college and i'll learn some big words
and i'll talk real loud -
goddamn right i'll be heard!
you'll remember that guy that said all those big words he must've learned in college
and it took a long time
i came clean with myself.
i fell clean out of love with my lover -
i still love her
love her more when she used to be sober and i was kinder.

Oh my god, this song is making me so sad I can't stop listening to it. Just the ending though. It's all misty out and goddamnit I have to press out these stupid dana pages...too much work. Not enough time. Sooooo, SO excited to venture up to Vissler this weekend! How nice it will be, to have a four-day workweek next week. It will definitely be a feat if we pull off bikes, boards AND skating. Hope the weather feels like coooperating.

Today has been super productive and I feel fulfilled with what I've done today. Look, I'm a cog in the working world! Hah.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

YARR BLOG! First-mate Marcy here, cap'n crunch'n all...

Man I just can't work anymore. Coming in on the early boat is now a staple but Jeesh it's like - how long can I just straight w-o-r-k for? Stoptime. So last weekend was the Best. I cannot get over how much fun I have while surfing. I also cannot figure out how I used to get past bigger waves. Was I just not as worn out? The scene is becoming so big, there were at least 20 people in the water down by the fingers last week. What else is cool is the growing number of chicks doing it. Yay, us! The minority of everything besides pregnancy. And lesbianism. Aaand, what else? I know we're not the minority of everything. Now I'm remembering a lovely conversation with Eli and B and Michelle about things that women really can do better than men. Hmph. But yes, surfing was very rewarding, fun, exhilerating - and cute to see B out there too! I love being out in the water, out floating and out pushing myself to new places.

Work is getting under control. About a month ago, I was swimming. Very happy to have that turn around. And my teensy spit of a raise. This company is such a Joke, I swear! Can't wait to go back to skool. Need to figure out what it is I'd really rather do longterm - both of the fields of interest (if I do narrow it down to those two) are pretty specific.

Yelch, time to catch zee ferry. Wondering if I could leave car in parking lot overnight...such a waste, to have missed acupuncture today. Oh well, always tomorrow! I think I'm going to request 15 needles in my wrist alone, this time. Stuipid CT.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Why the Verve, blog? Aaah it's so sad!
Like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown - this time I'm coming down. (talk about Wah!)

This weekend was so much fun! Scrabble is a bad disease sometimes. I am very excited for summer to finally be here, skating at Burien on Saturday was So Much Fun I think I might burst. That is something I needed to do, just hang out in the sun and skateskateskate! It's fun going with the same people too, seeing them learn new tricks. Grrr, that's something I need to do. Was getting quite frustrated! I'd love to get a new skateboard for my bday. Something about bigger wheels, going faster...?

And then surfing - oh yay! I am so jittery for this weekend to come so that me & B can get out there...definitely good times. It felt good to be back in the waves, back with the water. Floating...paddling...looking around and seeing people who love the effort and fun of surfing. Love it. See, now I'm glad I have an extra board - it's very handy for having people come with who don't have their own! Oh, and the sun came out...glistening off the waves, and then the foamy leftovers from a wave crashing past. Going surfing makes me all excited like when I was learning how to snowboard. And the Sun!

Must get back to work -- wanted to log the fun weekend before it becomes Wednesday.