Sunday, March 31, 2002

Happy Easter! I just wanted to mark this day as being the first that I have eaten chocolate in almost 40 days. Yes, I gave up chocolate for lent this year (who didn't know that?). My girlfriend Jackie got me to do it. I mean, she's Jewish and gave up cheese... I was at least raised Catholic so I couldn't just NOT give up something, right? It took a few weeks but the cravings slowed down and I wasn't freaking out as much to eat it today as I expected. I mean, it is the bomb and I'm sure glad I'm not allergic to it & all. Yay la chocolat.

Mmmm, chocolate. How I love you. How I am going to be incredibly sick and ill from over-indulgence of chocolate after tonight...

I gotta go get some wine for dinner. I'm still on a semi-hiatus from drinking (haven't gotten buzzed in about 2 weeks), but wine is always fine. Next time you see me, I'll be hangin' with the winos on 2nd and Pine.

The Olympia skatepark has scary roll-ins. I haven't felt so wussy about skating in a very long time. Wah.

Friday, March 15, 2002

It's official. I am not drinking anymore. There must be a direct correlation between my drinking and the lack of finding a job. For how long have I been looking for a job and I still find nothing? I really don't want to have to cave in and get a poo-job. Hire me! I'm smart, I'm funny, and I have the ability to learn anything. Puh-leeese. At the very least, can I get an email response that isn't generric?

Last night and this morning will not be on my blog. Censored. If you were around me, I'm sorry. I didn't know I could be like that. It's 6:47pm and I'm just starting to generate new brain cells. Ug. Today was meant to be snowboarding. Since I've been riding Stevens since like February, I really wanted to go back to Alpy. This year is the first in like 5 years that I didn't go to the pass almost every day. I miss it! I've probably ridden Whistler more than Alpental, that's how bad it's been. But I've gotten some really good powder days in, and my major plus this season: Girls. Maybe it's something to do with Stevens, I dunno - but this year I have ridden almost solidly with girls. Yay, us!

I gotta stop this thinking. Can't handle it. Tired of resisting chocolate. Are you happy, Jesus?

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Man, what a hangover. I don't drink (much.often?) and well, that party i don't know what happened. Okay I do. All day we worked on raising money - over $4000 - and I was running around, hanging out with the public, and doing demo boards all day. Didn't eat. Nobody did, really. Then we had to take everything apart & run down to the bar to get setup for the afterparty. It was 6pm, and I remember having a plate of pasta, some veggies and beer. BEER: $1 PBR's all night! Woo hoo! Let's all get raging drunk by eight-o-clock so we don't even know what's going on! It was so much fun, that group of girls was Fun to hang out with. I've met the nicest people through Jackie. Anywhey, ummm... where was I? No, I mean last night. I was all over the place. For awhile I was playing pool, and I got good again for a minute. Then I spilled a gallon of beer on my shirt. Ten times. And then, and then, and then!

I can't remember last night. So many people, and most of them I just met so it was a lot of talking. This morning (even right now), there is about twelve pounds of rocks in my head. Breakfast this morning, we went to the Index cafe which is famous for getting shut down every month from the health board. We went in and sat down but when they saw how many people there were, we got called a fire hazard and got moved to the corner. Thank god for breakfast. The food was way shitty - the ketchup was sour (??) and even the OJ tasted funny, but I needed it so bad.

And now I'm home. And, I need a job. The crackhead I was supposed to start working for (tomorrow!) decided that he didn't like that I didn't want to work after 6pm. Even left me a nice (sarcasm), long message on my phone saying how I have the completely wrong attitude and if I don't change how I am my whole life is going to be a disaster. Man, that guy was weird. I'm not even getting into it.

So the hunt continues.

Anyone wanna hire me?

Monday, March 04, 2002

I love to take a bath. I love bubbles by lush, they make it all movie-starrish, and I don't want to get out even though my fingers turn all raisins.

So soon, I start working (hypothetically). Today I spent hours skating. Burien, Lakewood, Gig Harbor. I really like skateboarding because it's hard. When I can finally do something (like, if I ever can do a backside turn!) it's a great feeling. The kind that makes me want to keep trying and not go in for beers. The kind that pushes me although my legs say "no more!" It's just something that I can't do every once & awhile. Ok, I can but then I stay on this plateau. Since I snowboard so much I don't think I notice the plateaus and even if I do, it's easier to get a step up because I spend longer trying things, I go up more often. Until last summer, I spent more time surfing in the summers than skating. Why does everything have a give & take? Well, at least I can - it's just a matter of if I want to get better at one thing over another.

I should be doing so many Things, instead of this blog right now. Forever am I hating the list I create of my to-dos. So much time, always things to do. Today I vote to not prioritize until I go to bed. Maybe I'll add to my website. It's still shabby...

poems, sinking like stones, all that we fall for
homes, places we've grown, all of us are done for
and we live in a beautiful world, yes we do