Saturday, April 27, 2002

Aww, yeah! Skateboard! After yesterday I could barely wait for it to dry up today. Even got up at 8am without help of alarm clock to head out. But Of Course, god was testing my patience. Wet pavement? Crikey, it wasn't raining when I came home at 2 in the morning! Did that stop us? Noooo. Us dumbasses drove out to Renton & Burien, back up to seaskate only to find that we had to come home by 10am. Then I waited. Checked my email, got some pancakes. It cleared up and we headed out to Redmond which seemed to have over 100 kids there. Not kidding. Bag that, back down to Redmond. Too good to be true, with 3 bikes and like 4 other kids - why did we get over it in 15 minutes? The bikes were all about the bowl and were completely oblivious to anyone else. I almost died. Cussed at a little kid which I hate to do but he prolly didn't hear me anyway.

Don't ask why we always do the mini-tour of parks. I'm starting to get really stoked on Burien. Went out tonight for like an hour.5, it was super fun especially cuz there were 2 other girls there. Yay! And a bunch of guys who were ripping up the bowl. This summer is going to be Rad.

Kinda bummed I'm going surfing tomorrow. Not because I'm surfing. That will be fun, for sure. This time it sounds like I'm actually going to hit it at the right time. Bummed because I could just skate most of tomorrow. If we get back early enough I'm taking the 5 back down to Burien.

Need a website layout. Tired of the photo-display approach. Need colors, need better/mas creative navigation and stuffs. Going to bed soon. Yawn. I'm such a pooper, don't wanna do nuthin' on a Saturday night. Want to rent Blue Velvet but too lazy to go to movie place.

Friday, April 26, 2002

So, um where have I been again? Gone most of the month, apparently. This month has made me completely Over Whistler. I need to make at least 2 solid trips to Hood and ride pipe there before heading north again. This isn't the first year that I get "over" riding before the season is over. Once the powder's gone all I think about is pipe anyway. Can only handle speedy groomers for so long. Most all I've been wanting to do lately is skate and surf. Since surfing hasn't completely sold me yet (needs to get warmer but still having fun) I've been skating. It was cool going out to Burien yesterday. Put hopes on today but obviously god is favoring someone else because it started raining just as soon as I got done w/work today. I knew I should have gone surfing... Sunday will come. It will be good. (repeat) I also get stoked because I can go faster and higher in the snake runs now. Such a slow progression but such a Rewarding Feeling!

Anything else new? It's been almost a month. My stupid car needs a Third tranny overhaul. How dumb is that? I have 3 interviews next week so everyone get ready for drinks, I'm gonna want 'em. Need to post like 3 different categories of pics to my site. Where have I been that all these things aren't getting done? Looking for a job, trying to find strategic places to stash my car so I can report it stolen and just get a new one...

Besides skating this summer has some rad concerts coming. I better get a job so I can better support my extracurricular activities. No drugs, silly. Between mini road trips and shows I'm gonna be a busy girl.

There was a point where I wanted to mark festical and the trips up to Whistler with Jackson but now they're past and I guess I'm going to haf to rely on myself to get those pics up to tell the stories. Drank a bunch of vodka before skating yesterday and now all I want is sunny days and so-Oregon skateparks. Ship me outta here, I want better, smoother, bigger parks! You hear me? Grrrr....

Monday, April 01, 2002

Today was my go-nowhere day. It was nice, having a Monday all for ME. I stayed at Rich's last night and got to sleep in. Nice. Smelling his hair. Flannel sheets and daylight slowly creeping through windows. Whispers of butterflies and laughter... I should have gotten up when he left and headed out surfing.

It was so sunny and nice out today! Perfect for surfing. Since I got that new leash, maybe this time I won't get stranded out past the breakers. That was Lame. But it didn't kill my wanting. It's back, the get out & go; the don'twannaride the rest of the season feeling. What's with that? Snowboarding consumes me, it gets in the way of me doing so much. The past few years though, once the powder is over and it's not quite to the slushy park/pipe days full of blishful sun, I'm over it. Don't wanna trek up and ride. Want to surf though. Want to go!

So, not today. No ocean. What did I do, then? Laundry! Weee! Got out all of my artsy papers and had a rad thing I was going to glue together, but then I got a nap attack and slept for 2 hours. Next thing I know, I wake up to the sun blaring over my neighbor's roof into my room and all I can think about is running around Greenlake with the rest of the Seattle. So that's what I did. Ahh!