Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Sunshine in my window, makes me smiley. Begonia peering through slanted eyes, trying to find where that noise is coming from.

Chocolate melting in mouth with tastebuds eagerly moving in for more. Song on the radio, voice I never will know but speaks in the same language.

It's hard to convey an emotion or thought to someone about something you experience without saying "i, me, myself." It's like a game, to write about things I think or see or feel, but not use those words in the sentence.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Yaay! Think process is nearing the end for the day. It didn't take me as long as I thought it might, but I just learned a whole bunch about forms and submitting data to the SQL database, and generating automatic emails. Prolly sounds like a lot of nerd garble, but it was fun. Today was a good day! I snuggled my honeypie before taking a nice shower, had a relaxing morning and fun lunch eating with B and Sparky. I never had yummy salad at a restaurant like that before! But you know what I sort of noticed? This is probably just me being a snob because I am one, but I think the better foods I make for myself, the less impressed I am with dishes at restaurants. Example: fish, for me, is hard to cook. So any fish I order, is better than I could do. But if you take that tuna salad I had, though it was very good, I could easily make it exactly like they did. Maybe even better.

See? That's being a snob, right?

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The fog is thick. It is blowing past my window like I am in an airplane, up on my 10th floor. Birds flying don't know which way is up, I can't even see to the freeway myself. When I look out the window, it is haunting like a ghost to not be able to see that far. How far out/up/around does this white extend? I feel trapped in a bubble, not readily comforted by what I usually take as a mystery, the fog. Not that it helps, having my honey so far away. The tv is yapping, I am sick of CNN. Hearing about the precautions, that "security is being beefed up to 100%" doesn't help - I just want it all to stop. End, you bad thoughts of what Bush is persevering.

I want my honey home, because I miss him and because I am afraid of the east coast right now. I don't feel secure, sitting in my fog. I can't call him if I hear anything, or want to say HI YOU. He is working, he is in a different time zone, and talking over the phone doesn't really make it all better.

I don't like the missing part of this.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Ol' Dirty Bastard, cracks me up!

And now, I get to build out the rollk2 site........F R O O T Y B O O T S!! Ah, yes. Surely the highlight of my career!

Monday, February 03, 2003

b l o g t i m e ! !
Hola, blog. Here I am, once again I find myself sitting at my workdesk with all this WORK to be done. It's not that hard today. This past weekend was a five-star fiasco. Smiles from all around, laughter resonates in my ears. We started off Friday night, B & I picked up Marcy and headed east through Blewett pass to reach destination: Wenatchee. (fioncee Matty checked in an hour ahead of us, scoping out hotel prices) That night was pretty chill. Drank a little, but went to bed early in anticipation of blue skies and good snow. When we woke up, it wasn't hard to get motivated to be up & at'tem because on the other side of the curtains, was bright sunshine!

Though it did take a good hour or so to heat up the crunchy topcrunch, we were soon blessed with sunny trails around every bend. I had never been to Mission before, and this was the perfect way to sell me on it. Speedily gliding through cornsnow, I fell instantly in love with the terrain and scenery. Having this be probably the best riding day to date, the four of us rode for a good six-and-a-half hours. I wasn't exhausted at all - I had a few more hours in me, indeed. But the sun did fall behind the hills, woe is us!

On the way home, B called up Mark to get him riled up and it was pretty much a done deal, we had Mark plus Jody on the way for a Saturday night shindig! From that point on, I have vague memory - yet it is fluid like water. Thai food was the buzz of the night, we found "the Thai" restaurant to gorge our faces out with dishes like Cashew nut chicken and Gang Gree. Funny! My guess was that we couldn't possibly find suitable Thai food in Wenatchee, me being a food snob and all; but there we were whooping up a storm and keeping the good times rolling with some de-lish-us foods in front of us. From there we made a pretty large attempt at bowling, until it was realized that the bowling alley had about 9 lanes and every man, son, and brother had already booked all the lanes for the night. (really, what were we thinking -- arriving at 10pm, trying to claim a lane?)

Through no fault other than our own, we flocked to a restaurant six blocks away from the hotel and settled in to the karaoke lounge. Although I really can't say Jody & myself "settled". With such Rad tunes blasting, I was dancing up a storm with Jody by my side. At this point, the detailing stops. All that is important, is that the whole weekend I had a lovely flow of good feelings running through me - I didn't want it to stop!

...I just have a harder time getting up in the morning, when it's overcast or foggy. I'm the kind of person who likes the sun!