Thursday, July 24, 2003

Oooh, so very Excited to just THINK about getting a new computer. How lovely it would be, to send off my ole' trusty (but outdated) PC away and welcome in a fresh, swifty G4 or such. Not done reviewing yet, and would like to actually Go To a store and talk to some salespersons...Gad, ack salespeople!

Work has gotten back into a lovely pace. It is easier coming in now, and easier to want to leave early, seeing as it has been warmer and sunnier and whatnot.

This weekend my dear Grandpa is having his NINETIETH birthday party! Go, grandpa! B will get to meet my whole extended family, aside from removed cousins and such. Might be around 70 people there? Very excited for this. I get to bring a salad, which I hope to WOW everybody with. I am in love with salads.

Everything has been super on the homefront. Hunny brought home three large, beautiful boquets last night and they really lit up the house! Nothing looks better on the kitchen's sill than a big bunch of yellow lilies, orange daisies and little white whoosey-whatsits. Thanks, B!

And we've been surfing more. I put on my goals for work to go surfing ten times this summer. So far, I've got three and plus one more this weekend. I think I just might make it! There is nothing like leaving everything in my mind on shore, and playing in the water. I absolutely love it. Makes me excited inside, thinking about everywheres to go vacationing and have the opportunity to surf.

Check out my website soon: Day of being made-up at Burnt Sugar (in Fremont) and My New Shoes!! Wheeeee!

Sunday, July 20, 2003

You know what bothers me? People that don't return emails or phone calls for almost two weeks, then stop by unannounced and want to "catch up". I said I was busy working right now, I have no idea what you've been up to lately and now is Not convenient for me to chat - especially because it will mean I can't work, I will have to deviate my thoughts from cetera.

I am fine with people getting busy with other things. I think what I am hurt by here is that I have been a good friend, a good listener, offering advice freely and sincerly -- and then sporatically you pop by to chat -- and you're leaving for another state tonight so I won't be seeing you for another week at least!

Now, is this a dumb rant? I don't know, probably I shouldn't put so much weight on it. Part of me knew feelings like this were coming so maybe I was waiting to release them? Questions that don't need answers, feelings that can simmer and leave.

I think what best describes my feelings is this:
I feel like I was a friend as a space-filler for a little bit. Once A. moved in, I don't see you anymore. You're not lonely, not living alone anymore. Maybe you're working more and that's understandable for sure...but can you at least return phone calls and talk to me in some other way besides email and text messaging? Something more personal than popping by real quick when we haven't talked in a couple weeks?

Also this:
Cancers are sensitive. To Everything. And we are quick to put up walls against things that hurt us.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

"Everybody is a star
I can feel it when you shine on me
I love you for who you are
Not the one you feel you need to be"

We're going to write Belle & Sebastian to see if they will play at our wedding.

Trying to think of something cunning and a wee bit persuasive...

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Good day to you. Well, my Birthday had a very pleasant elongation. (was elongated?) Friday after work - which I could Not get out of Early as I wished - we hopped in the packed car and made it down to nearly Manzanita, OR. Wanted to camp in Short Sands but of course, those were full. Doh! So we camped in/near Cannon a lovely field, in a trailer park. But no worries, we got in late and took off before we paid!

Surfing on Saturday was Whoo-eee Fun! The waves were coming in nice sets, pretty even and then a break every now and then to give me a chance to paddle back out. B and me stayed sort of close to each other, and it was fun to watch him learn. I love that we surf together! He's picking it up well, too.

The Oregon coast is just so pretty. Not like the Canadian Rockies or a nice vase of pink roses either. It's pretty in the sense that you get more of a feeling of vastness when you look out over the cliffs above the ocean. A feeling that you aren't as big and significant. Humbling. Our weather though, it decided to get wet and slightly drizzly on Saturday afternoon. After surfing we hung out and did crosswords on the beach for awhile, and it was nice and warm. Then I swear, as soon as we got in the car, it started raining a bit.

But that was OK! For on Sunday, after camping in the horse area (!) of Nehalem Bay, really. It wasn't stinky or gross. It was WAY more secluded and private than the other sardine-packed sites at this place. Nehalem bay has some 50 campsites, and 80% had kids. It was unruly. So, anyway we camped in the horse area...walked down to the windiest beach in the west and roasted marshmallows. Mellow but uplifting night. After this, we checked out the surf and opted to go East towards Portland and:


Oh Newberg, you have such a fun little snake run and capsule. And you weren't crowded on Sunday. Too bad I ate a crappy breakfast at some roadside trout-feeding pond restaurant. It completely bogged me down and I was too lethargic to be of any good at the skatepark. B had fun though; it was a good bit hotter out too, with the sun shining.

What fun summer is! Then last night, against warnings of flat surf, us dumbasses drove out to the coast in hope of more fun waves. Alas! What is this? After a super sleep session at the campground in Westport, we groggily awake at 5am to fog and f-l-a-t water. Waves were barely even able to lap at the shore. In disbelief, we checked all spots and called it a morning. I slept as B drove us back into Seattle - made it back by 8:00 - good for us.

That's my adventures for now...more (pictures included) will be published on my website.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Ah yes, summertime is in Full Effect. Sweet, sweet summer...waking to crisp but comfortable air, keeping the windows open all day...Ta-da!

Tonight I leave on the 2:45 (fingers crossed) to trek on down to Short Sands, i.e. Manzanita, for surfing aplenty and to pay a little visit to Newburg. Yayy Newburg! For my birthday, B said we could do anything I wanted. At first I wanted to camp out in E. Washington, but now I'm like - wait. Is that Really what I want to do? It's all dry there...and not really full of skateparks. I think what he would really like to do would be to spend a weekend doing nothing at a nice hotel, somewhere nice - but now we're both so excited to surf and hang out in Oregon. So very glad that B likes surfing. It's much better when your best friend likes doing the same things you do!

My birthday was two days ago and I am still happy inside from it. Never knew they could be so much fun! Went to Beppo's (must post pictures from my *NEW* digital camera on website)(Thank-you, Brian!) and it was a really great crowd of people. Couldn't ask for anything more...then we went to Linda's for some babble and vodka-crans. And to see my sister have some drinks, for once! Good job, sista. Very much looking forward to mini-roadtrip with her next month. I do wish she wasn't going to skool so far away because I miss her, but the times we have together are getting richer. We're growing closer and I love it.

I don't really have time to type much. Man, I haven't documented anything! Work has been 100% full-speed ahead lately. That is a good thing - I am loving it and we are very busy. Thought things would slow down after the k2snow & ride sites went up but golly, no! This week I've been running at 75-80% because we didn't have any break for almost three months. Once I hand in this 5150 shit hopefully ski can come in. Uck, can't write about work in Blog. Sorry.

And I didn't write about Calgary. Those are more pics that will go up on the site. THAT was a vacation. Man...Tues-Sun. That's almost a week away. It was such a break, mentally to get out like that. I was living every minute where I was, to the fullest. Learning to FINally drop in was an accomplishment for me. Never knew how hard I can be on myself. It was easier, having the world's most patient boyfriend there helping me. I can't say for sure that I'd like to go back to Calgary per se, but definitely back into the Banff regions. Those mountains are the most majestic, awesome sight. So powerful.

My mind is high on everything right now. I am having the Best Summer!